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Username: BernyJacques
First name: Berny
Last name: Jacques
Location: Saint Petersburg, FL 33707
Bio: Berny Jacques Florida Bankrupcy and Personal Injury Attorneys ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Practice Areas: Florida Bankruptcy, Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Florida Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Florida Foreclosure Defense, Florida Bankruptcy Mortgage Modification Program, Florida Creditor Harassment, Florida Rights As A Consumer To Stop Harassment, Florida Personal Injury ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact: Berkowitz & Myer 4900 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, FL 33707 Phone: 727-344-0123 Fax: 727-344-0185 info@berkmyer.com Website: http://berkmyer.com/attorney-berny-jacques/
D.O.B.: 01 Jul 1970
My Library: https://express.yudu.com/library/973196/BernyJacques
My Home Page: http://berkmyer.com/attorney-berny-jacques/
My Blog: http://berkmyer.com/blog

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