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Username: Adam B. Lawler
First name: Adam B.
Last name: Lawler
Location: 1600 West Main Street, Marion, IL 62959-1146
Bio: Adam Lawler is the founder of Lawler Brown. Adam is a 2004 graduate of Saint Louis University School of Law. He worked for a local firm until founding the Lawler Brown Law Firm in 2009. Lawler Brown's practice areas focus in Personal Injury, Business, Real Estate, Probate/Trust/Estate Administration and general litigation. The Marion, Illinois office of Lawler Brown offers a full range of legal services. Our firm takes pride in its professional yet personalized approach, which takes into account the individual needs and goals of our clients. We deliver quality legal representation in a timely manner in a wide variety of cases. At Lawler Brown we strive to give our clients the attention, service and representation they deserve. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT:, Lawler Brown, 1600 West Main Street, Marion, IL 62959-1146, Ph: 618-993-2222, Fx: 618-731-4141, Email: info@AdamBLawler.com, Web: http://www.adamblawler.com
My Library: https://express.yudu.com/library/937665/Adam-B.-Lawler-s-Library
My Home Page: http://www.adamblawler.com
My Blog: http://lawlerbrownlawfirm.blogspot.com
My IM details: Not yet entered

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