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Username: noraluyaz
First name: nora
Last name: luyaz
Location: USA
Bio: Your business online can thrive when your website has a lot of visitors. More visitors mean a quicker realization of your dreams, more sales with more exposure in the internet. Yes, visitors is what is called "traffic", and the more traffic your website has, especially if they are targeted visitors, the sooner you are going to be profitable, successful and in the process, achieve your online goals. We are going to explore the many ways to get traffic to your sites. Also we are going to learn how to fuel your website traffic. In the methods we want to use, what is needed most of all is qualified traffic and by that we mean eye balls interested in what your sites are about and what they offer in terms of products and services. So we are going to be interested in fuelling the visitors in the right way or perhaps refining the fuel to get the best possible targeted audience to your sites. And we want this as quickly as possible to achieve profits right away. You know that without visitors you have no business. That is why we need to have a plan of action to fuel as much traffic as we can. How you go about making this plan will depend on many factors, like the time you have available or the resources and know-how as well as many others. But to start straight away you could allocate chunks of time to dedicate to traffic and to measure the results you get. In these segments of time you will define point by point a series of steps to grow your plan to a workable method to boost your overall number of visitors. We go with the fact that having a website, you are ready to start creating traffic strategies to get many visitors to your products and programs available in your sites. These products and programs or services even, are the content of your website and this content, when is tuned to the needs of your prospects, is what attracts eye balls to your content. When people search online for products or programs, services or solutions, all they are seeking is information, the right information that solve any number of problems they might have; of course if in turn your websites are the first to come up with the right information they are seeking, well, you have an alignment that is going to propel the rankings of your sites in the search engines. That is precisely what the search engines want, to provide the searchers with quick solutions and that only happens when the content of your sites is in complete alignment with their searches. The search engines will reward you for that by ranking your sites higher in the search listings. Being in the first page of the rankings, oh boy! that's where you want your online content to be... The content is going to be found by your prospective customers, using the correct keywords for whatever they are interested in and that your sites provide for them. The search engines compare websites providing similar information but the ones with the most relevant content tuned to the searchers' keywords, get higher positions in the rankings. This kind of traffic is a much targeted one, and therefore most likely to buy from you since your site is providing the solutions they are after. This is what is termed: 'qualified traffic' and the type you must be always after. By the way, this means of looking at the alignment of keywords to site content, is part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that your site must conform to for greater results in the rankings. You understand from this that content must be good content, very targeted to the needs of the visitors. The aim here is to please both the traffic and the search engines and when this is done, that is it, you have got the best possible content. Everyone is happy and your results will increase. The key is to use keywords in the right number, percentage wise, that makes the content easily readable. This is also called good density of keywords. Place your keywords on the headline, body and first and last paragraph. Use the keywords in a manner that they sound natural and in the right context, don't make them sound unnatural or force them here and there without proper meaning or being out of place.
My Library: https://express.yudu.com/library/1178680/noraluyaz-s-Library
My Home Page: https://bit.ly/2P7tvj6

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