Catalogue E-Business Issue 171 July 09

Catalogue E-Business Issue 171 July 09

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Published 12 times a year, Catalogue e-business provides readers with the latest sector news, actionable how-to articles and advice, and opinions and viewpoints from thought leaders and industry leaders. Regular features include B-to-b: Focusing on the issues unique to marketers catering to business buyers. Catalogue Exchange update: A forum for members of the Catalogue Exchange, a trade association of remote-shopping professionals. For more on the Catalogue Exchange, visit www.catalogueexchange.co.uk. Catalogue review/website review: A prominent creative expert critiques the effectiveness of a website or a print catalogue. Distribution and delivery: Advice to help direct sellers get their goods to customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. Executive suite: A closer look at higher-level management issues. Lists and data: Exploring how best to win new customers and retain existing ones using rental lists, transaction data, and other tools. Online marketing: The latest information on ecommerce best practice. Movers and shakers: Keeping up-to-date with people in the industry. Small-business spotlight: Homing in on the needs of new and developing companies. S Cuttlebutt: A tongue-in-cheek look at the latest industry gossip. Contributors include Robert Colquhoun, founder of Direct Consult (www.directconsult.co.uk), which advises on strategy, marketing, operations, and finance, and cofounder and former CEO of direct marketer Dream Direct. James Doyan, a partner at change management specialist Athito (www.athitoconsulting.com). Murray Kenneth (www.murraykenneth.com), an adviser to small and midsize businesses, a Prince's Trust business mentor, and founder and CEO of Nauteco, which sells professional-quality marine paints. Herschell Gordon Lewis (www.herschellgordonlewis.com), a legendary copywriter, member of the US Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame, and author of 30 books, including Marketing Mayhem and Catalog Copy That Sizzles. Don Libey (www.libey.com), a futurist and direct-marketing adviser and the author of multiple books, including Libey and Pickering on RFM and Beyond. Ernie Schell, founder and managing director of Marketing Systems Analysis (www.schell.com/msa), which provides consulting services for systems specifications, selection, and implementation.

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