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Sporting Rifle - Summer 2013

Sporting Rifle - Summer 2013

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In our special summer issue, Sporting Rifle contributors pull out all the stops with an exciting and wide-ranging selection of hunts and stories. In honour of the roebuck season, we’ve a bumper crop of roe stalking recollections, including BASC head trophy measurer Dominic Griffith’s advice on identifying suitable cull bucks. Meanwhile, foxing fables are put to the test as Mike Powell considers lamp shy foxes, Robert Bucknell faces a troublesome earth and Byron Pace completes his hunt for the ultimate foxing calibre. Further afield, Nick Latus is after wild boar in France and Byron’s in pursuit of roe in Germany. The Sauer 101 and Browning’s TCT Varmint are put to the test, while in Target Sports Laurie Holland looks at reloading powders from abroad. Invaluable for novices and seasoned stalkers, Chris Dalton discusses how to obtain a DSC, David Barrington Barnes analyses his own stalking errors so you won’t make the same mistake and Helena Douglas expounds common misconceptions about firearms law. If this wasn’t enough, there’s an Anschütz 1417 up for grabs and profiles on some of this year’s top game fairs to whet your whistle.

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