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Sporting Rifle - July 2013

Sporting Rifle - July 2013

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For our July edition, Sporting Rifle’s contributors have a wealth of tips on offer to help improve your chances of a good bag. Whether you plan to be on the hill stalking reds, calling for roebucks during the rut, or pursuing nuisance squirrels, Highland keeper Andy Malcolm, professional stalker Chris Dalton and gamekeeper Tony Megson go through the highs and lows of their experiences to help you learn from their mistakes. Robert Bucknell emphasises the oft-overlooked danger of ricochets, while Helena Douglas learns the importance of practising shooting positions. Editor Pete Carr takes his granddaughter on her first roebuck stalk, and Alan Marshall enjoys the wild boar Monteria in Spain. Byron Pace hunts for the best foxing calibre, and Browning’s Andy Norris joins Nick Latus on a roebuck stalk. Anyone considering the Pulsar Forward DFA75 will want to check out Mike Powell’s and Byron Pace’s exploration of the digital night vision unit. Bergara’s BX11, Sauer’s 202 Magma and the CZ 512 are all under the scope, as is the Anschütz 1417 .22 LR. To top things off, we’ve lined up some of Britain’s best sporting outfitters, and a special feature on summer stalking suits.

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