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Airsoft Action June 2013

Airsoft Action June 2013

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In June’s edition of Airsoft Action, five RIFs undergo the expert analysis of our review team. Jay Slater examines the G&G G980 – a replica of the WWII German Karabiner 98 Kurz, replete with bolt-action loading. Ratty, meanwhile, looks at a product from PTS – the CQB version of the famous Masada rifle. He also throws fuel on the fire of the training weapon debate, with a look at the G&D/Celcius M4, which claims to offer training weapon quality for AEG money. Rounding off the rifle reviews is the Zeta Labs Mosin Nagant, which replicates the Soviet-era sniper, but with mixed results. The final RIF going under the microscope is an officially licensed STI pistol from ASG. Scott Allan finds out more about the International Lawman. June is also a bumper month for MilSim, with three major event reports – chief among which is Oscar Plummer’s six-page feature on Operation Gravity, a 42-hour event held down at the British Army training facility in Hampshire. Among the other features is a look at the real steel C8 carbine rifle. Experienced serviceman Dan Mills shows you how to strip this little beauty down. Elsewhere we test out the latest upgrades from Bulgarian company Airsoft Systems. Can their ASCU and electronic Hop-Up Unit really boost your AEG’s efficiency? For all this, plus a raft of other great articles, check out Airsoft Action June today.

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