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Sporting Rifle - June 2013

Sporting Rifle - June 2013

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It's June, and both roebuck and fox cubs are causing an array of problems that our experienced contributors and shooters need to get on top of. A surprising roe doe follow-up, moderator difficulties, crow control and muntjac also feature in this exciting and informative issue. There’s a head-to-head between Browning’s X-Bolt and its predecessor the A-Bolt, and the 7x64 Brenneke finds favour with Byron Pace. Tony Megson handles a fraying roebuck up in Yorkshire, while Robert Bucknell spends a night in his new fox box. Editor Pete Carr considers the legitimacy of different trophy measuring systems, Dominic Griffith provides another update on the BASC and Sporting Rifle trophy measuring service, and Helena Douglas gives us an essential list of circumstances that could see the withdrawal of your FAC. We’re offering readers the chance to win a CZ 455 package from Edgar Brothers, and Laurie Holland looks at neck sizing while Paul Harding fires some paper-patched bullets in our Target Sports section. Binoculars and new stalking gear are top of our most wanted, and Africa plays host to springbok, warthog and bushpig hunting.

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