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Airsoft Action May 2013

Airsoft Action May 2013

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May’s Airsoft Action features a WWII replica double-header, with the M1 Garand from ICS and AY’s M1918 both going under the microscope. Will these iconic designs make a smooth transition to the airsoft world – or simply fall to pieces after a bit of wear and tear? Also on test is G&G’s P90 replica – known as the PDW 99 – which is certainly a striking gun. Its visuals may be ‘Marmite’, but its performance can’t afford to be. Scott does the honours. This issue is a bit of a bumper edition for skills features as well, with four articles detailing how to hone your skirmishing. Kris Roberts talk ‘mind games’, and argues that Gucci kit is not necessary for successful gaming – while Billy Basics reminds you never to forget the fundamentals. Andy is on hand to round off his excellent series of CQB tactics, and brings his first hand experience into play as usual. We also bring you the hottest site reviews from around the UK, with both weekend MilSim and casual midweek games getting their fair share of column inches. All the usual features are out in full force, too, while our competition prize this month is the rather spectacular PTS Masada CQB, worth £430. For all this and more, check out Airsoft Action today.

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