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Bow International - Issue 82

Bow International - Issue 82

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Las Vegas lit up again this year, as Reo Wilde and Erika Jones made it three wins each in the famous Vegas shoot, which also played host to the finals of the Indoor World Cup. We’ve got shoot reports on both in this issue, as well as the European Indoor Championships. Despite all that indoor action, we’re looking towards the outdoor season again, as Duncan Busby explains Carbon Express’s range of all-carbon outdoor arrows, and Liam Grimwood goes through his procedure for French tuning for the perfect field-shooting bow. Tyler Benner pinpoints what makes a good coach, and what to ask for next time you see yours, while John Dudley is making the most of both limited time and space. New contributor John Catley takes you through making a full set of arrows, while Chris Aston tells you everything you’ll need to know to get started in the UK crossbow archery scene.

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