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Airgun Shooter - May 2013

Airgun Shooter - May 2013

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The main test gun in May’s Airgun Shooter is the unique 52 T-06 sidelever from German airgunmaking giant Diana. Nigel takes a while to adjust to this spring-gun’s design, which seems to hark back to bygone decades, but finds that its performance can match some of the biggest players in the industry. Also on test this month is a brace of CO2 air pistols from ASG, under the P-07 Duty moniker. Phil Bulmer does the honours with these fast-firing plinkers, while Mark Camoccio pits two budget target rifles head to head – but which of the Air Arms S200-T and the BSA Scorpion Cadet will come out on top? Simon Everett, meanwhile, takes a behind-the-scenes look at Halifax-based engineer Don Robinson’s business. His ornate woodwork has adorned a rifle belonging to a former US President, and his long career transforming generic-looking air rifles into works of beauty presents an intriguing story. All the regular columns are here in full force, too. Ian continues his series on FAC air rifles, Mat is out hunting rats, and Lyn strips down a Weihrauch HW99S in his workshop feature. We also pull together the ultimate gear combo for spring rabbiting… For all this and much more, pick up May’s Airgun Shooter today!

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