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Airsoft Action April 2013

Airsoft Action April 2013

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In April’s Airsoft Action we review four new rifles – chief among them the Magpul PTS PDR-C, a rather unique AEG that, putting it mildly, has been a long time coming! Ratty delivers his verdict on this much-waited replica, and explores the history behind the real-steel design. Also on test is the Black Ops AMK.13, a stunning AK-47 replica. At £625, it might be out of the price range of many readers – but that’s not a problem, as you can win one for absolutely nothing! Airsoft Action has managed to get hold of one of these superb rifles, and rather than keeping it to ourselves, we decided to give one of our lucky readers the chance to bag it. You can’t say we’re not good to you! Elsewhere you’ll find reviews of the new M4 from Danish brand ASG, and a rather impressive L85 replica from WE. There are plenty of skills columns for skirmishers to enjoy, including a unique feature looking at airsoft photography, and how to compose the best shots when you’re in the field. All the regular columns are here in full force, too, including Cold War Warrior, Gadge’s airsoft debate, Billy Basics, and Simon Chambers’ MilSim advice – while we also round up the best new site and event reviews – including an epic weekend in Sweden… And to top things off, we bring you breaking news of a rather important distribution deal relating to a certain Taiwanese manufacturer…

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