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Nu Woman's January 2013 issue!

Nu Woman's January 2013 issue!

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This issue is all about the Arts and Entertainment. Heike Dempster brings us Art Basel Miami Beach, Sheba and Sekhu. Nasia introduces us to Cazna Hinds. We introduce a new writer Johnnel Adderley who talks with the Hands 4 Hunger team. Mohamed Knowles and Renard Poitier of Unique Entertainment bring us the first Bahamas All-Star Cultural Festival, Bahamas All-Star Music Festival and Bahamian Music Award. We want to set new standards in 2013 and begin the year with an interesting editorial spread – City Limits by Barry Williams. In previous years, we have gotten the stories, now we aim to dig to the heart of the issues in talking to artists, women, entertainers and other people of interest. This issue is filled with such articles. One of my favorite interviews in this issue is with abstract artist turned filmmaker Toby Lunn; he was so ‘to the heart of the matter’ and engaging.

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