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Airgun Shooter - April 2013

Airgun Shooter - April 2013

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Our featured test model in this month’s Airgun Shooter is a rather unique PCP – the British-made Phoenix Mk2. This top-notch multishot design is renowned for its non-conformist hardware, which Nigel Allen happens to rate very highly indeed. The Phoenix is joined on the testing range by a brace of affordable springers from SMK. Mark Camoccio has never been convinced by the entry-level fare coming out of the Far East, but will this low-price duo change his mind? Meanwhile, our resident pistol expert, Phil Bulmer, has got his hands on a couple of Turkish sharp-shooters from EKOL, brought into the UK by Brocock. While indulging in a bit of fun-gunning, Phil also has a more serious task to carry out in his second article to feature in this issue – where he looks at the new chronoscope app for smartphones. Costing just a few pounds, this speed meter software would represent a massive saving over the more traditional chronos of old – so long as it works reliably! Elsewhere, Mat Manning and Ian Barnett continue their regular hunting columns, with Ian beginning a new series examining FAC-rated airguns. We also pull together the ultimate kit bag to take into the hunting field – while Charles Upton’s provides the final instalment of his vintage series on the BSA Meteor. For all this, and much more, dive into April 2013’s issue of Airgun Shooter – the UK’s best magazine for all airgunners!

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