Bow International - Issue 81

Bow International - Issue 81

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Only the first edition of 2013, and already we have shoot reports from as far a field as Singapore and Nmes, as well as news of the European Archery Festival, a tournament already billed as the biggest archery event in Europe. Duncan Busby explains how to integrate new equipment into your setup, Liam Grimwood investigates how to find your best anchor point, and Tyler Benner finds that winning spirit. Weve got shoot reports from traditional events at Scotney Castle and Royal Windsor Deer Park, as well and Pip Bickerstaffe introduces a series on learning to shoot the longbow. Or technical guys round off this months offerings with articles on nock travel, the mechanics of bow stabilisation, and we have four more stabiliser sets on test with Chris Bell., one of which is up for grabs in this issues competition...

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