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Airsoft Action March 2013

Airsoft Action March 2013

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March’s Airsoft Action is crammed with guns tests, site reviews and features that no skirmisher will want to miss. This month, the editor has been investigating grey importing, and how it impacts the UK airsoft industry – and his findings are a must-read for anyone thinking of having replica firearms shipped over from the Far East. We’ve also put four guns through the Airsoft Action testing process this month – including the new ‘Streamlined’ Masada from Magpul PTS. Ratty got his hands on this low price model to find out whether it could deliver at such a budget cost. Scott Allan, meanwhile, gives the ARES MS338 sniper rifle a dusting down. As for site reviews, Ron is continuing his tour of north-west England with a look at Delta Team 3’s site, and the new First and Only shop in Manchester. Dan Mills and Billy Basics are talking tactics again – as we conclude our series on building an observation post, and discuss how to conduct a successful reconnaissance mission. Continuing on a military theme, Simon Chambers relates some gripping tales from his time on convoy duty in Iraq. You can also expect to find regular columns from Gareth ‘Gadge’ Harvey, a video game review from Alex Wharton, and CQB discussions from Andy Nightingale. Plus, we give you the chance to win a free WE M4A1 worth £220!

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