Modern Gamekeeping February 2013

Modern Gamekeeping February 2013

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Modern Gamekeeping’s February issue looks into the rising numbers of gundog and working dog thefts across the country. Editor-in-Chief Peter Carr looks at the fund-raising achievements of Barry Atkinson and his dog Spider in aid of Cancer Research and the NGO Educational Trust, while David Taylor says the RSPB’s latest appeal for funds doesn’t add up and Predator has another prominent animal charity in his sights. John Bryan explains how to start introducing bridges and rail traps into your trapping regime, while Glynn Evans examines ratting programmes and Alan Edwards looks at the benefits of a snowy winter that many areas have missed out on. This month, there’s a special feature on making and maintaining flight ponds for wild duck to maximise your wildlife and sporting assets from Tony Megson, and a look at what exactly the Law Commission’s review of wildlife law could mean for the countryside.

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