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Airgun Shooter - February 2013

Airgun Shooter - February 2013

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February’s Airgun Shooter is a rat hunting special, chock-full of advice on dealing with the scaly-tailed critters. Mat Manning heads out for a night-time foray around the local farm, where rats have been wreaking havoc and stealing grain from pheasant feeders. Pete Meek, meanwhile, is called in on a somewhat unusual ratting mission, where he encounters an entirely new foe… Rounding off our ratting feature extravaganza is Special Ops, a new series where we pull together the ultimate combo and kitbag for a certain mission. This time, a stunning new Brazilian air rifle gets the nod alongside a Fenix torch and ammo from H&N. But that’s not all – we also get an exclusive peek at the new Daystate Huntsman Forester, and editor Nigel Allen puts the latest Air Arms Pro-Sport underlever to the test. All the regulars are here in full force too – springers vie for supremacy in Mark Camoccio’s head-to-head challenge, Ian Barnett changes his calibre philosophy, and Lyn Lewington completes his BSA Mercury rebuild. Last, but not least, we bring you a full preview of the 2013 British Shooting Show… it’s set to be a corker!

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