Sporting Rifle - February 2013

Sporting Rifle - February 2013

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The February issue of Sporting Rifle sees our top writers on the trail of a host of UK deer species. Red hinds, sika stags, row does, CWD bucks and fallow prickets all feature, as we head to the furthest corners of the UK and Ireland to stalk these fine beasts. Stalking agent Charly Green also gives his advice on how best to manage a herd of red deer, while we line up the latest results from a still successful BASC and Sporting Rifle trophy measuring service. Byron Pace has got his hands on the new .17 Hornet calibre and takes it out for a first foxing field test. Also in the world of foxing, Robert Bucknell investigates the latest trend among dedicated fox shooters fox boxes while Mark Nicholson tests a range of optics for foxing and Mike Powell gives the low down on shooting Charlie with smaller calibres. We've also got tests of two Thompson Centre rifles, sport abroad from Wyoming, Mississippi and the Eastern Cape, and a hard-hitting viewpoint on the future of African hunting.

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