Airsoft Action January 2013

Airsoft Action January 2013

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Airsoft Action starts 2013 with a very big bang. One produced by TM's latest GBB SMG, which we give a full review. And the Maruzen PPK/S, a pistol with a distinct Bond theme, gets our verdict, as do a pile of Wiley X glasses and gloves and KWA's latest AEG. We've got all the action from Red One's milsim epic in an special Operation Red Dragon feature, and in our front cover feature, we assess whether WE"s latest gear is enough to turn heads and change opinions. We interview students on how they balance airsoft with studying (provided they do any of that), while in the skills room we teach proper room entry technique and discuss the trials of deployment at Christmas. And we stoke up the debate on whether genuine military gear is worth the cash, or whether the repro stuff is just as good.

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