Modern Gamekeeping December 2012

Modern Gamekeeping December 2012

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Modern Gamekeeping December features the keepers’ fears in response to the government’s proposal to limit the use of rodenticides, while Editor Peter Carr analyses the game of technological catch-up being played by poachers and the people out to stop them. David Taylor has his say about the Law Commission’s review into wildlife law, while Mike Wood is relieved to have reached the end of the rearing season. Our Countryside Law page has some advice on dealing with repeat offenders, and we’ve also got advice on getting the best insurance cover for your gun, and spotting when your gundog might be suffering from a bad back. Clive Wood of King’s Game and Cover Crops analyses the year just gone and looks at the potential that 2013 has, while students at Sparsholt College tell Modern Gamekeeping of the value of hands-on experience on study tours. We’ve got advice on working out an efficient gritting program, and Glynn Evans explains a method for an alternative driven day.

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