Sporting Rifle - January 2013

Sporting Rifle - January 2013

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The new year kicks off with a foxing kit bonanza with a look at the best kit, new and old, for catching up Charlie. Included are in-depth reviews of the Pulsar Quantum HS19 and the NiteSite NS200. Also on test we have three rifles, from a .22 to a big game double, and 10 pairs of binoculars gearheads can't afford to miss this issue. It's also a sport abroad special, with blesbuck, reedbuck, moose and elk in our writers' sights across two continents. On the home front, Andy Malcolm takes a team of army snipers out after hinds, while David Barrington Barnes faces a unique challenge controlling a population of muntjac on a golf course. Elsewhere, John Johnson challenges stalkers to seriously consider their deer management policies, Mark Nicholson helps out with the roe doe cull, Tony Megson turns his rimfire on the local jackdaw population, and we line up another 20 medal heads that have come in to the BASC and Sporting Rifle measuring service.

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