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Modern Gamekeeping November 2012

Modern Gamekeeping November 2012

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As winter draws in, Modern Gamekeeping November brings you advice from our Game Farmer page on getting the birds to winter quarters, and we've got a whole page of products designed to help you through the cold weather. Glynn Evans examines the General License, using Larsen traps as an example of one of the pitfalls a License user can unwittingly fall into, while the Editor stresses the importance of getting involved in the Law Commission's review of wildlife law, which can help clarify just such legal parameters as the General License. While David Taylor dismantles the PR hype of the RSPB, top gundog vet Harvey Carruthers explains some of the causes of loss of balance in dogs, and David Barrington Barnes highlights some other illegal activities the modern poacher has been known to get up to. That's not all - we've also got advice for young keepers, essential dates and courses, and some key information on public liability insurance.

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