Sporting Rifle - November 2012

Sporting Rifle - November 2012

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In this prime time for foxers, Sporting Rifle is at the forefront of the never-ending battle to keep Charlie at bay. Mike Powell tests three new lamps for use on the stubbles, Tony Megson bags a surprise fox while out on a rabbiting expedition, and Robert Bucknell considers if we can adopt the Olympic athletes’ approach to our foxing endeavours. We’ve also got a special kit feature on the newest and best night shooting gear. Keeping the magazine as packed as ever, we follow stalks for no fewer than five of the nation’s deer species, from hinds in the Highlands to water deer near Woburn. Marking the end of the roebuck season, editor Pete Carr and stalking sage David Barrington Barnes highlight their best bucks of 2012, while Dominic Griffith reports on the best heads measured by the BASC and Sporting Rifle trophy measuring service. Gearheads will be happier than ever with three rifle tests – including the new Sako A7 – plus reviews of Lapua ammo, the new Leica scopes, and even a 4x4 pick-up. We also line up a selection of top African outfitters and bring you overseas hunts for crocodile and buffalo.

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