Modern Gamekeeping October 2012

Modern Gamekeeping October 2012

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October’s issue of Modern Gamekeeping headlines its front page with the anti-poaching drive being taken up by police forces across the country, while the Editor gives his thoughts on the relationship between police and gamekeepers, and the conflicting pressures the police are under from both budget cuts and pressure groups. Legal expert David Barrington Barnes explains the charges that can be brought against threatening or damaging behaviour encountered in the countryside, and Morag Walker introduces a new freshwater research project from the GWCT. Our resident vets look at record keeping and critical care of newborn pups, and on the conservation trail, Linda Mellor looks at the plight of the capercaillie while Clive Wood explains what he’s learned from a difficult crop growing year. We’ve also got special features on ATV insurance and choosing a pick-up, as our Lowground and Upland keepers examine the gamekeeper’s wider responsibilities.

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