Airgun Shooter - November 2012

Airgun Shooter - November 2012

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With the day's getting shorter, it seems fitting that we have two short-barreled airguns starring November's Airgun Shooter. First on the test ranges is Hatsan's new AT-P2 pistol well, we think it's a pistol anyway. With the included shoulder stock and silencer on-board, it shoots and handles like a compact rifle at sub 6ft/lbs mind and might be the perfect tool for close-range ratting. The second of our carbine crackers is the latest upgrade of Brocock's Contour SuperSix PCP, now fitted with a bull-barrel. Can the Midlands-based firm once again improve on what is already an established field-ready rifle? There's plenty more gear on review, too. Mark Camoccio puts the Weihrauch HW90K and the Benjamin Trail Nitro-Pistol head-to-head, Nick Robbins checks out two Sig Sauer BB-pistols from SMK and Simon Everett gets 'eyes-on' with a Lightstream scope made by an airgunner, specifically for airgunners. As always, Mat Manning and Ian Barnett are on hand to go through their month's hunting with Ian setting out 'The Airgun Hunter's Clock', a handy guide that all hunters should read. There's news, recipes, workshop, letters, readers' ads and a chance to an Air Arms TX200 worth 385. All this and it's not even Christmas yet!

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