Modern Gamekeeping September 2012

Modern Gamekeeping September 2012

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This issue, we look at the opening of the shooting season; including how the grouse have fared in the uplands, and some cautious forecasts for lowland birds. On the front page this issue we follow the story of Walshaw Moor, as the legal dispute with Natural England is finalised, a protest against heather burning on the moor means the issue is far from over. Legal expert David Barrington Barnes interviews Chris Pollock, who explains the science behind the planned badger cull in Wales, and explains why politicians are hindering efficient management by disregarding it. We also have details of a new anti-poaching measure being trialled in Surrey, while our resident vets explain how to spot a gapeworm infection and cases of plant poisoning in working dogs. Game farmer Mike Wood is finishing up his deliveries, and on the product front we round up our pick of clothing for keepers and equipment for lamping, while Mike Powell tests the Beretta Outlander and John Johnson explains the technology of train cameras.

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