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Sporting Rifle - October 2012

Sporting Rifle - October 2012

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The end of the roebuck season is here already, and Sporting Rifle marks the occasion by packing in as many stalks as possible before the season is out. Brian Phipps and Dominic Griffith team up for a stalk in Hampshire, while Dominic once again lines up the best heads measured by the BASC and Sporting Rifle measuring service. David Barrington Barnes also shares some of his best roe stalking reminiscences. Even Jason Hornady, of the ammunition manufacturer of the same name, is involved, sampling the best of UK sport on a visit from his native USA. With red stags and fallow bucks also in season, itís a deer extravaganza. Andy Malcolm guides a father-and-son team into a Highland stag, while Ian Harford heads to the Highlands himself in pursuit of reds. Youngster Liam Crook takes an impressive fallow buck, while expert stalkers Charly Green and Andy Lovel both share their experiences on calling sika stags. With foxing season still at its prime, we bring you an ultimate foxing guide, with every bit of kit youíll need to catch up with Charlie. On top of that, Mike Powell gets his hands on a pre-production model of the long-awaited Pulsar Digisight N750 and delivers his verdict. Itís a great time of year to be a sporting shooter Ė and you can experience it all in Sporting Rifle.

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