MiBiz: 2012 Downtown Grand Rapids Section

MiBiz: 2012 Downtown Grand Rapids Section

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For nearly 25 years, the mission of MiBiz has been to provide regional business news to executives, advisors and owners in West Michigan. With a readership of nearly 40,000 and a growing digital presence that reaches more than 25,000 unique readers each month, MiBiz is focused on becoming the top source for business intelligence and news in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing and along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Our readers are C-suite executives, owners of small and middle-market companies, professional advisors and mid-level managers. They're college educated, earn six-figure salaries and are high net worth individuals. They're decision makers in their organizations, with purchasing influence over areas ranging from accounting to office equipment to real estate. They read each issue of MiBiz cover to cover and then pass it on to three other people. For more detailed demographic and geographic information about MiBiz, contact: sales@mibiz.com.

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