Airsoft Action October 2012

Airsoft Action October 2012

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This month we review: • WE M14 Ra-Tech Lvl 2 – Jay Slater reckons he’s found the best gas airsoft rifle – ever. • AIM TOP SVD – While it’s put out some pretty awful guns in the past, Scott Allan reckons AIM TOP’s semi-auto gas-powered SVD more than justifies its £200 pricetag. This month we have reports from several airsoft events, including Requiem Airsoft’s zombie-themed FilmSim and Stirling Airsoft’s Operation: Marlborough which took place in Madrid, alongside a report from Skirmish Airsoft’s recent competitive event. Arclight returns with a stunning article on the basics of raceguns while Charles DuVal sets his sights on France in the second of our Airsoft Abroad articles. Nige takes a look at super-entry-level airsoft guns for introducing young children to the hobby, while Oscar Plummer has advice on how us grown ups transport and store ours (and why it’s important). Viper’s new Multicam boots get put through their paces, and of course all the regulars are here including Alex Wharton’s videogame review and Gadge Harvey recreates a British infantryman during the Troubles in Cold War Warriors. Don’t miss it!

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