Sporting Rifle - September 2012

Sporting Rifle - September 2012

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September is prime time for rifle shooters of all persuasions, and we’re marking the occasion with a feature-packed bumper issue of Sporting Rifle. Leading the magazine is a foxing bonanza, with every aspect of the subject covered and every bit of kit you need to catch up with Charlie. Mike Powell lines up the gear that’s helped him to success over his 50-year foxing career, while Andy Lovel is at the forefront of technology with the Guide IR thermal imager. We’ve also got top tips on cub control, and a word of warning about Lyme disease. With the males of most deer species in season, we follow the action up and down the country. Byron Pace fights off the midges to guide a client onto a Scottish roebuck, while outfitter Charly Green gives his advice on calling fallow bucks and Nick Latus is in the Highlands on the trail of red stag. Plus Dominic Griffith gives us the facts on the best times to go stalking, as well as revealing the latest trophies to come in to the BASC and Sporting Rifle trophy measuring service. Plus all the best sporting action from around the world – from Yorkshire to South Africa, we’ve got it covered.

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