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Airgun Shooter - August 2012

Airgun Shooter - August 2012

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August’s Airgun Shooter is jam packed with features, reviews and stories from across the whole gamut of the sport. We give the editor, Nigel Allen, the choice to stick with his tried and trusted SMK XS19, or move up to the XS20 the only way we know how – by pitting them head-to-head against each other in the field. Elsewhere Mat Manning shows you how to extend your hunting time with the fantastic NiteSite NS50 and Ian Barnett blames global warming for some hunting difficulties – it’s not an excuse, trust us! We’ve tasked pro pest controller Pete Meek with field-testing the Baracuda Hunter Extreme heavyweight pellets and got resident airgun DIY-expert David James to show you how to knock together an easy rifle rest. You may have also noticed it’s an Olympic year, so we interview two of TeamGB’s airgun Olympians – James Huckle and Georgina ‘Gorgs’ Geikie – to find out about the sport and just what it means to represent your country at the biggest sporting event in the world. We’ve also sifted the fact from the fiction to keep you up to date with ongoing developments in the Scottish parliament regarding airgun licensing – remember nothing has happened yet! Of course, the issue is also full of all our regular features, including a six-way sidewheel scope comparison, head-to-head, letters, Airgun Scene and your chance to win a Weihrauch HW95K worth over £330.

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