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Sporting Rifle - August 2012

Sporting Rifle - August 2012

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The August issue is Sporting Rifle’s roe rut special, and we’ve got a line-up of features to help you catch up with the bucks at this crucial time of year. Owen Beardsmore shares his tips for successful calling, while Dominic Griffith reflects on what the rut means to stalkers. Dominic also reveals the latest medal heads measured by the BASC and Sporting Rifle trophy measurement service, and we’ve also collected a selection of the best stalking kit on the market. Regular reviewers Tim Pilbeam and Byron Pace get their hands on the Savage Axis and Kimber Montana rifles respectively, while Byron also finds time to put some Fusion ammo through its paces. Staying with new kit, editor Pete Carr reports on his field test of the Rivers West Ranger stalking suit, while Andy Malcolm sees the arrival of two new rifles. Robert Bucknell, Ian Harford and Mike Powell are all out after foxes, while Nick Latus and Tony Megson take their rimfire rifles out in pursuit of rabbits and rats. On top of all that, we’ve found room for a sika stag hunt, Canadian black bear and African buffalo – don’t miss this packed issue.

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