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Diesel Car Issue 298 - June 2012

Diesel Car Issue 298 - June 2012

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Itís the biggest issue of the year, where we proudly announce the very best cars on sale in 2012. We scour ten separate categories to find the pinnacle of each segment, awarding them the coveted title of Best Car in the 2012 Diesel Car, Car of the Year awards. Itís been an interesting year, with plenty of new talent entering the marketplace, but the only way youíll find out who has won, is by buying the June 2012 issue of Diesel Car. But thatís not all, we put through Kiaís new ceeíd through its paces, along with Great Wallís new Steed, the MINI Roadster and Audiís A6 allroad. On the Eco Car side of the fence, we get to grips with the Audi A8 Hybrid, the Renault Twizy and Mercedes-Benz E 350 BlueTec Hybrid, and drive CitroŽnís stunning new DS5 Hybrid4 in right-hand-drive guise for the first time. Weíve got a triple test of medium hatchbacks for you this month, as we pitch Hyundaiís all-new i30 up against the facelifted Mazda3 and the Chrysler Delta Ė which one comes out on top? We also grab the keys to Mercedes-Benzís new B-Class and put it head to head against the Ford C-MAX with surprising results. And in our comprehensive used car section, we take a look at the previous generation Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDiS.

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