Places&Faces_Norfolk_May 2012

Places&Faces_Norfolk_May 2012

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appy and glorious! Sixty years on the throne is certainly cause for celebration which is what will happen at the beginning of June with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In this month’s issue of your exclusive Places&Faces® we include some special features about this major event in national life. We meet Bruno Peek, who for over 30 years, has been masterminding national, and sometimes international, celebrations for all manner of occasions, many of them either marking royal milestones or involving the Royal Family. From his house in Gorleston he is once again arranging a chain of beacons which will be lit around the UK, the Commonwealth and as far as the Falklands. And he will stand beside the Queen as she lights the one in the Mall. It’s a great story which shows what one person with masses of vision and determination can achieve, bringing communities together and often raising cash for charities on the way. But we also catch up with Norfolk-based musician David Parry, not only artistic associate of the prestigious Norfolk and Norwich Festival but also the man who will conduct the London Philharmonic Orchestra on board one of the 60 processional barges making their way down the Thames as part of the Jubilee Pageant. The world will be watching both events. We also fly the flag for all things British with our fashion and beauty pages. We do well to remember how it was the abdication crisis in 1936 which brought Queen Elizabeth’s father to the throne, rather than his brother who gave it up to marry Mrs Simpson. The background to all of that is movingly and grippingly told in The King’s Speech which has just opened in a stage version in the West End. We review the production. Meanwhile there’s much else besides. Singer and composer Michael Bolton has stood the test of time; Jason Donovan is almost a national treasure. We meet soap star, pop star and Dancing on Ice winner Suzanne Shaw and actor Karl Davies who was such a hit in the locally based ITV Sunday night series Kingdom as the sidekick to Stephen Fry. And we hear about former top Canary Darren Eadie’s latest charity venture. We preview some of the many festivals and events coming up; take you travelling to both the Norwegian fjords and the delights of Rutland Water as well as sampling the food at a popular North Norfolk hotel. Plenty for you to enjoy, as always. We aim to please.

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