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Airsoft Action May 2012

Airsoft Action May 2012

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This month we review: • ASG BSA Sten MkII – Ratty takes a trip back in time (then comes back to find out if ASG’s officially-licensed BSA Sten MkII is any good) • King Arms Blackwater BW15 – This one was new to us – and to Ron Mahoney, who was impressed by this King Arms sniper rifle • D-Boys Knight Armament Co PDW – D-Boys KAC PDW goes under the microscope as Matty Phillipson finds out more about how the clone performs • Snow Wolf Barrett M82 – A usable .50cal Barrett? Probably not, says Scott Allan – but it will still have its devotees This issue sees Ambush Adventures’ return to Longmoor MOD Camp as we report from Operation: Stronghold. Gadge has been busy again this month and brings news of Gunman Airsoft’s FilmSim campaign The Mole, while his usual Cold War Warrior column focuses on the East German paras (plus a new column aimed at the beginner airsofter, so look out for that one!). North of the border, Baz Collins visited Ardeer’s Wargames Centre while Nige headed to East Barnet to find out more about Iron Plate Action Shooting. Veteran Billy Basics teaches us to set up an effective ambush while Jay Slater turns his attention to the infamous MAC 10 in Iconic Weapons. Dedicated kit reviews this month look at TAB Gear USA and various platecarriers. And of course all the regular features you expect to find in the UK’s biggest airsoft mag!

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