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Sporting Rifle - May 2012

Sporting Rifle - May 2012

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To mark the roebuck season getting into full swing, Sporting Rifle is proud to announce its partnership in a new and improved BASC trophy measuring service. Editor Peter Carr and head measurer Dominic Griffith explain how this new alliance will mean a better measuring system, while Dominic gives us an in-depth look at the trophy heads of all UK deer species recorded in 2011. Out in the field, Andy Lovel recounts a memorable trio of two roebucks and a fox, while Mike Yardley shares his wisdom on the best stalking practices. Elsewhere in the mag we have an African hunting special, with four species featured in a row – elephant, jackal, bongo and guinea fowl – as well as a guide to some of Africa’s top hunting outfitters. On the home front, Tim Pilbeam puts his stalking skills to the test at WMS, while Byron Pace sets up a rifle head-to-head with varminters from Kimber and Tikka. Foxing enthusiasts are as well catered for as ever – Robert Bucknell tests a range of fox calls, Mark Nicholson shares his wisdom on dealing with tricky foxes, and Mike Powell reflects on the expansion of the UK’s top predator. All that plus boar, whitetail deer and even cormorants – we’ve truly got everything covered.

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