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Airgun Shooter - May 2012

Airgun Shooter - May 2012

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Airgun Shooter May 2012 We kick off May’s issue of this award-winning magazine with a bumper review of a gun 120 years in the making. Diana has released its first ever PCP rifle – the P1000 – and the editor has been finding out whether it has been worth the wait. It’s not the only new rifle we have on test, though. Daystate’s MK4 Target is put in the hands of hunter and HFT shooter Malc Barnard. We asked him to test it in the field and on the shooting lane, and his thorough workout confirms that this electronically hearted rifle can stand up to it all. Elsewhere, Mat Manning talks through how to use windy conditions to your advantage while hunting, Pete Meek tries out an affordable ghillie suit, Ian Barnett gets to grips with his FAC-rated rifle and John Watson introduces a fast-growing, precision airgun discipline. There’s plenty more inside, so pick get this issue now!

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