Elizabeth- The Queen: A Special Diamond Jubilee Souvenir (Sample)

Elizabeth- The Queen: A Special Diamond Jubilee Souvenir (Sample)

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PUBLISHED BY Britain’s official magazine to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s remarkable reign, Elizabeth –The Queen: A Special Diamond Jubilee Souvenir charts Her Majesty’s public life and personal passions during 60 fascinating years, during which time she has been a constant and stable figure at the head of the world’s most famous Royal Family. Containing many rarely seen pictures, Elizabeth – The Queen provides an unparalleled insight into the life, work, homes and hobbies of Queen Elizabeth II, who could soon become the longest reigning monarch in British history. We have a limited number of this special 164-page souvenir, illustrated with over 100 stunning photographs, reflecting on every aspect of the life of one of our most beloved sovereigns: her childhood and teenage years; her engagement and marriage; her accession and coronation; her children and grandchildren; her encounters with Prime Ministers and world leaders during the course of six remarkable decades; her personality, her passions and her palaces. Elizabeth –The Queen is a very special and rare souvenir publication, which you will want to share with friends and family and retain and enjoy for years to come. This is a strictly limited print run so purchase now while stocks last! Royal Britain – be proud of it, be part of it!

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