Places and Faces Issue 24

Places and Faces Issue 24

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Here we are with issue 24 of your exclusive magazine and yes, it doesnít seem possible that it is almost two years since the first edition came out. Our very first restaurant review featured the Black Rock Grill at Potters new facility, the Zest Rooms, which had just opened. Since then itís earned awards and plaudits so weíre re-visiting it, with our seasoned traveller and reviewer Tony Cooper. Our first issue also included an interview with the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company actor Desmond Barrit, who also enthusiastically supports smaller seaside venues, like Sheringham Little Theatre. Des is back as the Wizard in the hit musical Wicked at Londonís Apollo Victoria and I called backstage to chat with him. Our business profile this month catches up with a nice guy who has quietly had a big impact on the development of the Royal Norfolk Show and the show-ground generally Ė Chief Executive John Purling. As they develop what could be an exciting new conference and concert venue John also tells us heís about to retire. Heíll be sorely missed. One thing we always want to do is salute the success stories from our area. Edward Snapeís career as an impresario almost ended before it began 30 years ago with a childrenís show in the county which flopped after a week. That didnít stop him and now heís a force to be reckoned with as a major West End producer. And Lee Mead, once a member of the entertainments team at Potters, hasnít done badly either. What a star! We meet them both as well as Calendar Girl and Oxo advert star Lynda Bellingham and TV wildlife presenter Nick Baker who is heading to Cromer with his one-man show. Donít miss our new features, Five Minutes With (BBC Eastís Amelia Reynolds this month) and our book pages plus, with the Daniel Radcliffe movie The Woman in Black such a box office hit, Richard Barr writing about his own experience of living in a haunted house Ė or is it? And it had to happen. After providing recipes every month our Suffolk-based French chef Franck Pontais has produced the classic dish of frogsí legs! Very tasty they look too. We always welcome your comments. Meanwhile sit back and have a great read!

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