Modern Gamekeeping March 2012

Modern Gamekeeping March 2012

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In this issue of Modern Gamekeeping: We go through the moorland legal case that everyone’s talking about Two of the UK’s top cover crop specialists look at a big issue for 2012’s seed dressings Fran Atterton tells us all about the GWCT’s work with black grouse in England Alan Pearson explains how you can avoid stressing out your chicks Top gun dog vet Harvey Carruthers examines eye issues in dogs Mike Powell gives us his opinion of the Sako 85 Hunter rifle Glynn Evans looks at rodenticides and Alan Edwards discusses corvid control in our gamekeeper pages David Ilsley from BASC shares some of the best rib-ticklers from the organisation’s insurance claims Plus plenty more gamekeeping tips, news and advice to help you get the best returns on your estate.

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