Airgun Shooter - April 2012

Airgun Shooter - April 2012

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Airgun Shooter April 2012 sees editor Nigel Allen has the new Hatsan BT-65, in side-bolt guise, in his feature review. This monster PCP certainly cuts a mean impression on the gun rack, but how will it fare in field conditions? We also get to go Ďbehind the scenesí with A&M Custom Gunsmiths, zero-in on nine lasers and red dots, launch a brand new Q&A page and show you how to make a fabulous balancing decoy. Our hunting contributors Mat Manning and Ian Barnett have been busy, too. Matís been trying to discover the perfect rat bait and Ianís been trying to decide which HW100 is his favourite. With our regular news, letters and readersí ads pages bursting with guns and gear Ė itís another jam-packed issue or the UKís best magazine for all airgunners!

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