198204 Navy News Apr 82

198204 Navy News Apr 82

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The official newspaper of the Royal Navy, Navy News, which has been reporting on all that happens in the Senior Service and the wider community since 1954. Our aim is to bring you the latest news, features and award-winning photographs from the front-line Fleet – the Submarine Service, surface fleet, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary – as well as its principal yards and establishments such as Devonport, Faslane and Portsmouth. But we have a duty to the broader naval community as well. Navy News, published monthly by the Ministry of Defence, is the official newspaper of the Royal Naval Association and the Sea Cadets; their members and their work are championed in every issue. We also provide a free service for veterans who wish to trace former comrades, organise reunions and delve into naval history. Each edition of Navy News is produced in full-colour, designed by an award-winning team of journalists and designers, and comprises between 44 and 60 pages. We publish around 45,000 copies monthly, available from the first of each month through your newsagent, selected supermarkets or via subscription. Beyond our regular monthly newspaper, we frequently produce commemorative supplements – in 2010 we have marked the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Narvik and the evacuation of Dunkirk. Another regular facet of Navy News is its famous cutaway diagrams – giving the reader a glimpse inside ships, submarines and aircraft of the Royal Navy past and present – which have been a mainstay of the paper for the past decade and will continue to be so. Our internet site consists of many of the regular features from the printed version of Navy News, but is updated each weekday. It also features an extensive database of naval information and an archive of stories and features going back to 2000. An integral part of Naval life is humour. Our cartoonists capture the spirit of Jack, Jenny and Royal – the ordinary sailors and Royal Marines – as do our stories and features. Getting to the heart of the Senior Service is our key aim. We are a paper about the ships and aircraft, the bases and weaponry, but above all we are about people. Navy News is the sole newspaper which celebrates the deeds of the Royal Navy around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. (C) Crown Copyright (MOD)

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