FULL RABBIT catalogue

FULL RABBIT catalogue

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Publisher's Description

Audio Architecture Arts presents 'Full Rabbit', an exhibition of solo and collaborative works based on ideas of fortune from UK and Chinese artists. This exhibition brings the 'Half Rabbit' show organised at Platform China Institute of Contemporary Art, Beijing in June 2011, to London, to showcase the collaborations completed in Beijing and new related works since then. Many of these works and have never before been shown in the UK. Artists Involved: Maria Castro, Experimenter En Couleur, Paul Davis, Leslie Deere, Felicity Ford, Gogo J, Sui Jianguo, Yan Jun, Christian Krupa, Catherine Shakespeare Lane, Alex McLean, Chris Moon, Alexis Murakami, Tim Norris, Ruan Qianrui, Philip Smiley, EunJoo Shin, Seaming To, Neil Webb, Ron Wright, Ding Xin and Jun Yuan

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