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Airsoft Action March 2012

Airsoft Action March 2012

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This month we review: • G&P Magpul PTS M4 MOE Limited Edition – These bad boys are limited to a run of just 50 each. We bring you the first in depth review – and your exclusive chance to win a CQB variant! • KWC Mini Uzi – Does this little full-metal beast live up to the real-steel’s reputation? • Socom 1911 Pro Training Weapon – Our first pistol review in some time decides if KWA has competition on the PTW pistol front • G&G G980 – Scott Allan gets first dibs on G&G’s new G980, a replica of the infamous Mauser Kar98 • Socom CheyTac M200 Intervention – It’s big, it’s heavy, and it’s officially licensed by CheyTac, but how does the Socom M200 perform? This month we’ve covered Operation: Clear Skies at Urban 6 Airsoft, and made trips to SWAT Urban and Section 8. Billy Basics returns with an introduction to patrolling while Mike Buttrick helps you identify your gearbox – and any problems. Elsewhere we’ve been earning our Wings with Pathfinder Parachute Group – and bring you our round-up of exciting, shiny new stuff on show at 2012’s SHOT Show. Plus all the regulars return – Big Boyz Toyz, Young Guns, Cold War Warriors and kit reviews…

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