Sporting Rifle - March 2012

Sporting Rifle - March 2012

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Sporting Rifle March 2012 is a wild boar special as we focus on the expansion and hunting of this species everywhere from England to Eastern Europe. Simon Barr hunts driven boar in Croatia with Artemis Hunting, as well as considering whether our own laws to enough to protect the species in the UK. We’ve also got reports from a selection of European boar outfitters on how their 2011 season as gone, as well as the chance to win a Zeiss Duralyt 2-8x42 scope worth £890. We’ve also lined up a host of kit for testing, including the Browning A-Bolt Composite UK Stalker and the Steyr Mannlicher Classic. Calibre enthusiast Byron pace tests some .243 ammo from value for money manufacturer Geco, while Mike Powell tests four wildlife cameras side by side. Foxers have plenty to tempt them while the winter continues. Mark Nicholson heads out on a fruitful night-time foxing excursion, while Robert Bucknell advises shooters on dealing with those foxes that get away. We’ve also showcased a host of night vision and thermal imaging kit for dedicated foxers. All that plus the last roe does of the season, overseas hunts in Canada and Namibia, and an investigation into shortened-barrel rifles – Sporting Rifle has it all.

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