Bare Essentials Magazine Issue #23 Jan/Feb 2012

Bare Essentials Magazine Issue #23 Jan/Feb 2012

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Start the new year - seeking adventure and saving wildlife. A tiny universe with elaborate interconnected societies continue to function all around us contributing to the beauty and function of our world. These magnificent minuscule beings come into focus with the help of Macro Master ‘Leon Baas‘ who illuminates our pages this issue, with engaging images of intricate nature. We also feature, photographer Richard Badger who’s pictures convey the majesty of landscape and wildlife - visually offering ‘a conversation with mother nature’. Discover what it takes to be a pioneer in the new world, with insight from legendary mountaineer Tim McCartney-Snape, best known for his historical ascent of Everest ‘without bottled oxygen’. Dr. Jane Goodall, shares with us, her vision for the future of wildlife conservation. Connecting and empowering the next generation of wild custodians with a hands on approach to learning that encourages compassionate action as part of her global youth program Roots & Shoots’. Take on the world, with our 2012 Grand Adventure Guide - offering active holidays from cycling tours to natural habitat adventures. May this issue inspire a new year ‘filled with adventure!’

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