Places and Faces Issue 21

Places and Faces Issue 21

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It’s Christmas time! And we hope that this month’s Places&Faces®, your exclusive magazine, reflects some of the best things about this time of the year - a wonderful season which brings together so much,combining the birth of Jesus with feasting and festivity. And in this part of the world we are also rich in seasonal entertainment of the best possible kind. Pantomime is a particularly British institution, as actor and former soap star Kevin Sacre reminds us in an interview ahead of his starring role at the Theatre Royal, Norwich. It is something to be cherished and encouraged, says a man who, like many others, really enjoys this unique type of show – oh yes he does! The Theatre Royal has always been home to its own home-grown and very high quality Christmas production but in recent years it has been joined by others including Gorleston Pavilion. And Lowestoft Marina heads into a new era with the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk being the first to be staged under the new Trust management. In a preview of that show David Porter reminds us of some of the fascinating history of pantomime. There’s circus, so well done at the Hippodrome in Yarmouth and Cromer’s Christmas version of the Seaside Special. Then we’ve got the massive jaw dropping experience which is the Thursford Spectacular, the biggest seasonal show in Britain which attracts thousands of people to a tiny Norfolk village and gives them a three hour treat to remember. What a choice! All that reviewed and previewed in our pages along with meeting former Beirut hostage Terry Waite, chart topping musical stars Paul Carrack and Beverly Craven and a footballing legend who will always be remembered as rather special Christmas present, Darren Huckerby, who signed his contract on December 25, much to the delight of Canaries fans. Finally Holt always looks a picture at this time of the year. We’ve just had a thank-you from reader Sandy Hills who won our competition to stay at Byfords and had ‘a smashing time’. Places&Faces® has also sampled the hospitality of this ‘higgledy piggledy world of pleasure’ and the review appears on page 54.

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