Mister Nobody-Knows - The Very Naughty Ghost

Mister Nobody-Knows - The Very Naughty Ghost

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I wrote this book in aid of Sheffield Children's Hospital because it is very close to my heart. My youngest son Louis has severe allergy and breathing problems that are now under control. However, when he was six months old in 2007 he almost died from an allergy/asthma attack. It was only the quick thinking, care and expertise of all of the staff at the Sheffield Children's Hospital that saved him. Louis spent Christmas 2007 in the High Dependency Unit at the hospital and I saw for myself the love and attention that staff put into making the festive period special for sick children. These memories will stay with me and I'm for ever thankful. Louis has since spent a lot of time in the hospital and that is why 50 pence will be given to the hospital for every book sold.

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