State of the Steelhead, by Dylan Tomine

State of the Steelhead, by Dylan Tomine

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: The facts, figures and numbers cited in this story are from a number of various sources. Historic and current escapement numbers for the Situk River, Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula Rivers are from a collaborative publication by Bill McMillan and Nick Gayeski at wildsalmoncenter.org. Information on the Skeena River was provided by Bruce Hill and Gerald Amos of The Headwaters Initiative, as well as Keith Douglas and Jeff Vermillion. California and Coastal Oregon statistics are from the NOAA Fisheries West Coast Steelhead Review. Upper Columbia Basin hatchery Chinook cost estimates are from the Independent Economic Analysis Board of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. A special thanks to the Wild Steelhead Coalition and the Wild Salmon Center for additional help,resources and information. I would also like to thank Dr. Nathan Mantua, Bruce Hill, Rich Simms and Yvon Chouinard for guidance and lessons on how to stay sane while dealing with the current steelhead situation. All photography donated by Jeff Bright and Tim Pask Cover and back cover photography Tim Pask Layout design donated by Dale Lantz, Outré Marketing Provided by The Wild Steelhead Coalition

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